Frequent Asked Questions
Chinese Water Deer Stalking
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Q. Can you tell me more about Chinese Water Deer?
A. Yes, I have put more detail on this subject on a separate page, please see Chinese Water Deer

Q. Do you hunt any other species?
A. Yes, although we specialise in Chinese Water Deer stalking, the increasing popularity in shooting means that we can now offer limited shooting for rabbits, pigeons and fox. Just mail me to discuss the dates you require - Contact Us or email.  Please note: we do have some availability left for pigeon shooting days. Call Peter on 07768 173197.

Q. How much do you charge?
. Difficult to give you an exact price but take a look at the Price List

Q .
Can you tell me how these trophies are measured? 
Yes, I have put more details on this subject on a separate page, see Trophy Measuring 

Q. Can I arrange to stalk for two or three consecutive days?
A. Yes, no problem, just let me know dates you are thinking of.

Q. Is there somewhere locally I can stay overnight?
A. Yes, we can highly recommend a local public house nearby with great food.

Q. How safe is my gun in this public house?
A. The public house has a secure gun safe installed.

Q. Is there anywhere I can find out about how to start to stalk and shoot?   
A. We are in the process of starting a Discussion Forum where you can have your say and contribute to a wide range of topics. Watch this space - much more to come!
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